Sir Jude's Household - Sweet Surrender

Raleigh, NC



Slave Application

I felt that the small boxes provided in the online form were somewhat limiting. While they could take a virtually unlimited about of text many saw the small boxes as either 1. a que or 2. an excuse to keep their responses extremely short.


The form itself also proved to be more trouble than it was worth when wanting to edit, add, or delete entries.


As such, the new application is in a DOC format which is to be downloaded, completed, and submitted as an attachment through email. I feel this allows the person filling it out less pressure, ability to provide comprehensive responses, and no time constraints as it can be saved and reopened whenever suitable instead of a rush-job to complete an online form.


This is a MANDATORY first step if you are interested in joining my household.Whether you came by this page on your own or we've already exchanged a few messages and were directed here. Even if we've previously discussed some of these questions in email exchange they should still be answered completely. I speak to a LOT of prospective slaves and it's impossible for me to track who is saying what and when just through emails.


DOWNLOAD APPLICATION (right click, select save as or save file as)